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Posted by anna on April 19, 2022

Gilson Tips For Your Pipette

If you're looking for a new pipette or need to replace your old one, Gilson(tm) has just what you need. The PIPETMAN pipette offers world-class precision and performance, and the tips for it are made specifically for Gilson pipettes. That way, you'll always get maximum accuracy and convenience, no matter what model of pipette you have. And with an assortment of packaging options to choose from, you're sure to find a tip to match your needs and budget.

The Diamond Tips are designed to fit perfectly on the Pipetman, and they deliver accurate, precise pipetting. With a TOWERPACK refill system, these tips are a snap to use. The tips are color-coded to make identification easy, and they conform to Good Laboratory Practice. These tips are available for a variety of applications, including IVF labs. They come in packs of 400 individually wrapped tips, and they are compatible with all types of Gilson pipettes, including PIPETM, PIPETMAN, and PIPEMAN DIAMOND.

The Pipette L is a lightweight and ergonomically designed pipette. It comes in 8 single channel models and covers volume ranges from 0.32 uL to 10 mL. The pipette is designed with ergonomics and repetitive strain injury in mind. The Pipette L has an extra-large, soft silicone handle for easy gripping. The autoclavable tip holders prevent cross-contamination.

TipOne Pipette Tips

The TipOne (r) pipette tip system is a refillable, reusable, recyclable solution for lab professionals. Each tip is designed for consistent liquid delivery and a great fit. Their innovative designs and high-quality materials help reduce waste and improve performance. TipOne pipette tips are certified RNase and DNase free and are compatible with most popular pipettes. And because they are completely recyclable, they are the perfect solution for all your research lab needs.

Before purchasing pipette tips, make sure you are using the correct one for the application. Using the wrong tip can reduce accuracy and precision, contaminate samples, and even cause repeated stress injury. That's why tipone offers a variety of tips. You can choose from the following three types:

The lid of each tip contains information. The laser-printed information on each tip is autoclave and abrasion-resistant. It displays the volume of the tip, its type, and ordering information. It also features a 2D barcode for efficient computerised inventory management. Lastly, these tips feature a nested design that allows them to be stored efficiently in racks without overlapping each other.

The filter-barrier design in tipone pipette tips prevents sample carryover, which means fewer samples are contaminated. The tips are also great training wheels for newbie lab members. New members of the lab can aspirate a small amount of liquid. If a tip comes with a leak, it's easy to replace it. That way, you won't have to send your entire pipette in for repairs.

BRAND Pipette Tips

With cleanroom techniques used to manufacture BRAND pipette tips, BRAND has set the industry standard for quality and safety. Made from high-purity polypropylene, these tips are free from additives that interfere with biological tests. Designed for laboratory use, BRAND pipette tips are available in several volume ranges, from 0.1uL to 10mL. Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, BRAND tips are stackable and autoclavable at 121 degC (2 bar).

BRAND pipette tips are compatible with a variety of pipettors and are sold in convenient autoclavable racks. Each tip is tested to ensure that it will fit properly with your pipette. The high-quality material used to manufacture these tips ensures accuracy and reproducibility. These tips also work with multichannel pipettes. For optimal performance, we recommend using BRAND tips. They are also compatible with many other pipette brands.

BRAND pipette tips are manufactured from virgin polypropylene and are free of RNase and DNA. Additionally, we provide them with an environmentally-friendly packaging system. Moreover, BRAND tips are sterile and free of additives, which can interfere with biological tests and cause spurious results. For your convenience, BRAND pipette tips are available in different volumes. This allows you to pipete liquids, gels, and more from narrow volume measuring equipment.

Nichiryo Pipette LT

Among the many benefits of the Nichiryo Pipette is its ability to accurately measure volume of a variety of liquids. Using a proprietary Japanese design, the Nichiryo Pipette LT requires 70 percent less pressure to aspirate liquids and dispense them. Despite this, the device still maintains precision and accuracy. In addition, this pipette has a long push stroke for precise volume measurement.

A Nichiryo Pipette is a durable and cost-effective alternative to Gilson style pipette. Its polytetrafluoroethylene resin construction ensures accuracy for many years. Its design is also comfortable for users, with a finger rest that is larger than the tip for a more comfortable grip. This reduces finger fatigue when pipetting. In addition to offering a variety of pipette sizes, Nichiryo also offers a large selection of lab pipettes and tips.

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